Do you offer repairs?2023-03-16T10:31:15+00:00

We do offer repairs.

We will provide free warranty during the first year from you receiving the RainbowCable according to our Warranty Policy. We offer lifetime paid maintenance for our products. If you need it, please submit a support request from your account dashboard or email us to support@rainbowcableglobal.com. We will provide the details about the repair.

How much does the shipping cost ?2023-03-17T06:03:24+00:00

We offer free shipping (standard shipping method) worldwide on all orders above 59USD placed in our store.

If the order is less than $59. You may need to pay the standard shipping fee of $9.

We also provide the Express shipping method if you wish to receive your order faster. And the table below shows the details of the shipping cost.

Shipping Method Order < $59 Order >or= $59 Estimated time
Standard Shipping $9  $0 5-19 working days*
Express Shipping $26 $26 3-5 working days*
Shipping MethodOrder<$56 Order>=$59Estimated time
Standard$9$05-19 working days*
Express$26$263-5 working days*

*The time data in the table are only an estimate based on the experience of the carrier and they are not a guarantee for delivery time. Most of the delivery time are within this range. Since carriers are third-party companies, we do not guarantee specific delivery times, which may be delayed due to natural disasters, strikes, epidemics, etc. We are not responsible for delays in delivery and do not accept refund requests for the express shipping fees.

*International customers are responsible for any customs fees and/or delays that may arise.

Is it safe to shop on your website ? Is my data protected?2023-03-16T08:22:58+00:00

Your order data will be handled confidentially and encrypted with SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) secure server software. The encrypted information of your credit card, or bank details will be processed by Stripe. The RainbowCable store won’t read or store the Credit Card or your bank details.

Will I receive an invoice for my order ?2023-03-16T10:00:34+00:00

We will send you an email automatically with the order details and invoice pdf file once you complete the payment. If you don’t see this email in your inbox, please try to visit the spam or junk folder.

If you still can’t get this email. Please contact our customer service: service@RainbowCableGlobal.com. We will try to resend you the invoice you need.

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee ?2022-09-16T15:27:56+00:00

Sure. We provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee since you receive the shipment.

Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee policy states that if you are not completely in love with your Rainbow Cable, you are free to return your item for a full product refund*, exchange your item for the same product, or receive a store credit to exchange your item for a different model, within a 30-day period since you receive the package! 

*Please note that any charges related to Expedited shipping or customs will not be refunded. 

I want to claim for the warranty ?2023-03-17T06:19:00+00:00

Please try to visit the Warranty Policy page on our website to get the details.

My parcel is taking longer than expected – how do I resolve this?2023-03-16T09:06:25+00:00

There are delays in shipping due to COVID-19 related changes globally. Some borders are still closed and there are fewer commercial flights than normal.

Please note that RainbowCable does not have authority over couriers and customs. We simply use the services of various couriers to help ship our products to you. If your order has not been delivered within the time frame provided upon checkout, please try to contact us, and we will work with our couriers to get the shipment details

Where will my package be sent from ?2023-03-17T06:14:39+00:00

It depends on your address and the products you order. If you placed the order for the customized products, the package will be sent from Hong Kong. If the standard products, the package will be sent from the US or Hong Kong. Please try to get the details in the table bellow.


Products   Your Address US Outside the US
Standard products US  Hong Kong
Customized products Hong Kong Hong Kong
Wacky products Hong Kong Hong Kong
Products\Your address USOutdside US
Standard ProductsUSHongKong
Express ProductsHongKongHongKong
Wacky ProductsHongKongHongKong
How can I track my order ?2023-03-16T09:12:34+00:00

We will provide a tracking number once your order is sent out. You can get the tracking number on your Account – dashboard.  Our mail system will send you the latest tracking information email to you when it needs.

You can also track your package with your order number and email address on the Order Track Page.

Can I cancel my order ?2022-09-17T05:58:36+00:00

To cancel any order, please go to the Cancel Order button in ‘My Account’  after login.

Order cannot be canceled once it has been shipped out. We no longer have control over dispatched items. You can try to receive the package and send it back to us with the “30 days no reason return policy ”.

Please note that the shipping fee cannot be refunded if you chose the Express shipping method.

Order will be canceled in case of incorrect shipping address.

Does your RainbowCable support data transfer ?2022-09-17T06:07:25+00:00

Sure! Our cables are all fully functional. The Lightning is Apple MFI certified. It supports data transfer.

The MFI-certified chip also features voltage and current control to protect your iPhone’s battery from damage.


Is your RainbowCable MFI certified ?2022-09-17T06:08:39+00:00

Sure. Our RainbowCable Lightning plugs are MFI certified from Apple.


Do you have x meters long cables?2023-03-16T10:08:35+00:00

We will provide 1m, 1.5m and 2m long cables with the ‘Standard Products‘ option. If you need other lengths, please choose the ‘Customized Products‘. We will try our best to meet your needs.

Will your RainbowCable fit in my iPhone Case ?2022-09-17T06:22:16+00:00

We have considered the possibility that you used the iPhone case at the beginning of the design. So you can feel free to use it, our cables can be used normally with your iPhone case on.

How can I get the return details ?2023-03-16T09:18:58+00:00

If you need to return the products you received. Please try to contact our support email: support@RainbowCableGlobal.com

You may need to get the details from our Return and Refund Policy Page.

How can I contact you for more product details?2023-03-16T08:16:44+00:00

Sure Thing! Please feel free to contact us for anything you want to know about our products and service.

Contact Us Page

Do you provide warranty for your products?2023-03-16T09:58:05+00:00

We provide 30 days ‘No reason asked’ return policy since you received the product.

And the products warranty lasts for 365 days. Please try to visit the Warranty Policy Page to get more details.

How do I choose the right RainbowCable product for me?2023-02-14T17:07:25+00:00

It depends on the charger you use on your iPhone.

We now provide two types of USB connectors for the two types of chargers we commonly use. You need to choose the right type from the charger type you are using. There is a picture bellow to make it easy to choose.

different-cable-ports_Charging cable
How long does my delivery take to arrive ?2022-09-19T16:50:23+00:00

It depends on your address, shipping method and the products you choose. 


Standard ShippingExpress Shipping
In USOut USIn UsOut US
Standard Products4-75-141-23-5
Customized Products7-147-143-53-5
Wacky Products7-147-143-53-5

Please Note:

  • The time data in the table are working days. Weekends and Holidays are not included.
  • The time data indicates the transit time. It represents the number of business days between the time a package is sent and the time you receive it.
  • This data does not include the time we processed the package before it is sent.
  • The time data in the table are only an estimate based on the experience of the carrier and they are not a guarantee for delivery time. Most of the delivery time are within this range. Since carriers are third-party companies, we do not guarantee specific delivery time, which may be delayed due to natural disasters, strikes, epidemics, etc. 
Can I get my package faster?2022-09-19T16:56:06+00:00

Sure. We provide an Express Shipping option for you. Please choose the Express shipping method on the Checkout page.

How can I make the payment on your website?2023-02-14T16:32:48+00:00

We accept Credit/Debit Cards  payments and ACH Payment. You can also pay with the Apple Pay.

Do you ship to my address?2022-09-19T17:02:22+00:00

We ship all around the world. If a special situation arises, we will reach out to you.

Why should I choose RainbowCable?2022-09-11T15:20:55+00:00

Why should I choose RainbowCable.

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