It depends on your address, shipping method and the products you choose. 


Standard ShippingExpress Shipping
In USOut USIn UsOut US
Standard Products4-75-141-23-5
Customized Products7-147-143-53-5
Wacky Products7-147-143-53-5

Please Note:

  • The time data in the table are working days. Weekends and Holidays are not included.
  • The time data indicates the transit time. It represents the number of business days between the time a package is sent and the time you receive it.
  • This data does not include the time we processed the package before it is sent.
  • The time data in the table are only an estimate based on the experience of the carrier and they are not a guarantee for delivery time. Most of the delivery time are within this range. Since carriers are third-party companies, we do not guarantee specific delivery time, which may be delayed due to natural disasters, strikes, epidemics, etc.